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Cityopoly Inc. is affiliated with some of the most dynamic websites on the Internet today
- CampusAve.com is the leading college classifieds website
- Sweepjudge.com randomly selects winners for sweepstakes and contets
- CampusBlvd.com offers college and .edu text link placements
- Brollytime.com sells rain umbrellas that enables students to text in the rain
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College Classifieds

CampusAve.com is a network of college newspaper and college town classified websites that offers localized categories targeted at students, faculty, and staff. From job listings to apartments, CampusAve.com serves the needs and wants of every community member.

Third Party Drawings

SweepJudge.com is a third party drawing service for randomly selecting winners of sweepstakes, contests, lotteries and raffles. SweepJudge.com also provides services for random number generation and unique password creation to make it one of the most randomized sites on the Web.

Rain Umbrellas

Brollytime.com is where college students can purchase the first rain umbrella that was designed for texting. With its comfortable and secure finger hole grip, college students can use the Brolly rain umbrella to text in the rain and stay dry at the same time. Get your Brolly rain umbrella today!

Text Links

CampusBlvd.com is a network of college websites that services consumers and search engine marketing firms by providing high quality text link placements. CampusBlvd.com offers monthly rented text links, that appear on websites that have thousands of .edu backlinks.

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